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Arrangements for Dropping off and Collecting your dog

Following the easing of Covid restrictions and planned works at Animal Care to upgrade the car park and drive we are now able to have a new system for when you drop off and collect your dogs. These new arrangements come in to play from 6th June 2022.

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Dropping off & Collecting your Dog

During covid it became apparent that not having people driving and walking up and around the main site has made the site much more secure and safe for the staff and animals in the care of Animal Care. Customers walking around the site to the grooming salon with their dog can potentially cause an incident if they come into contact with the rescue dogs who are often here due to reactive behaviour.

This new system will ensure this level of security and safety can continue , whilst allowing our customers to come up to the main site so that we don't have to meet you at the tea rooms. However this system is only if you are in the car.

If you walk up to animal care for your grooming appointment or to collect your dog- you will still need to meet us in the tea rooms car park as we are not able to have people walking dogs up past the paddocks as this can upset the animal care dogs and potentially cause an incident.

I have attached a video to show where you will come.



1)Drive into tearooms car park. Drive to the far end where you will see a wooden gate, lift the chain, open the gate and drive through - please close the gate behind you

2) Drive up the newly tarmaced drive to the main site

3)Park at the visitors car park at the end of the main paddock

4)Remain in your car - please do not approach the paddock, do not walk your dog to the

salon or around the site/car park.

5)Let us know you have arrived- we will then come and collect your dog from you and

walk them into the salon



1)We will let you know by text or phone call when your dog is ready for collection

2)Report to reception and park in visitors car park (as above)

3)Leave your car and walk across to the grooming salon - if you have another dog please

do not bring them to the salon- either leave them at home or in the car.

If you have children with you eg at half term - please keep them under close supervision

at all times

4) When you come into the salon, close the door behind you for security (so that dogs

can't escape!) knock on the internal door and we will attend to you.

5)A member of staff will then walk back with you and your dog to your car

6)In special circumstances we may ask you to park next to the salon - please only do this when we have discussed this with you


We hope this new system will make it easier for you and your dogs to visit us - whilst maintaining everyones safety.

Eleanor Sweeney, Nat Brown and Frankie Frew

Lune Dog Grooming, Nats Dog Grooming and Fresh Paws by Frankie

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