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Happy 2022!!

Well after our busiest December ever we finally closed on December 23rd and all had a lovely break until January 4th. Unfortunately, Saffron and Alice have both had to have some further time off due to covid but will be back with us after the weekend.

2021 said goodbye to Edie who has gone off to finish her Uni studies. We were then very happy to welcome Saffron who works with us on Saturdays and school holidays. We also welcomed Alice as our apprentice and then Frankie (Fresh Paws by Frankie) joined us at the end of the summer - Frankie and I have been friends for many years but she has recently trained to be a dog groomer. Nat at Nats Dog Grooming continues to work her socks off with us and on reception of Animal Care, occasionally in our Tea Rooms and some of you may have seen her helping Santa at the Christmas Market at The Royal, Bolton le Sands! Nat and I have loved watching these girls grow in confidence as they work with the dogs.

Nat and I have travelled around the country to access training with some of the best in our industry. We look forward to bringing these new skills to our doggy customers and are already planning what training we want this year. We strongly believe that investing in continually developing our skills makes us the best groomers we can be for your dogs.

We loved greeting all our new customers last year and look forward to seeing you all over the coming months.

Unfortunately we lost a few older dogs and we always feel incredibly sad for these customers as we have a soft spot for each and every one of them. We understand what this loss feels like as we believe dogs really do leave pawprints on our hearts- my boy Pluto certainly has .

2022 is looking like it may be just as challenging as the last couple of years but we are very grateful for your continued support of our business.

Happy New Year to you all

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